About Col Strauss

Animals have always been an integral part of my life, and the recognition of the vital role pets play within families in modern life has never been more relevant. It is because of my love of all animals and pets that I became a Pet Photographer.

I studied Fine Art and received a BA-Visual Art from Riverina-Murray Institute of Higher Education with a Major in Fine Art Painting, with Minors in Photography, Print Making, Ceramics, Art History and Drawing.

My earliest memories are of animals. Growing up in a rural area we had a menagerie that lived with our family and we interacted with, fed and looked after them daily. During these experiences I was naturally inclined to see their characters and personalities and it is here that I developed my understanding of how to bring out the best in animals and speak to them in their own way.

Your Photographer plays a profound role in any shoot. I need to understand your pets personality, their relationship with you and your family and surrounds, how to focus on their eyes to create the depth of their persona.

Now it is all about you and what we can achieve together, making it memorable, fun and an event to remember. 

The saying goes that working with animals and children can be challenging at times! Rewarding of course, however, it does take skill to understand each individual pet, they can be quite unique. So how do I work with pets for a photo shoot? I ask a lot of questions before arrival so we can plan together. Are they treat motivated, do they like a cuddle or are they shy or nervous? My approach is to be patient and considerate. Then when we first meet, I strike up a conversation with the owners, and simultaneously assess and read the pet, body language and dynamics. This intuitively leads to how to interact, whether to give them space or to start having a play or pat, getting them to relax and engage as appropriate. I am acutely aware of animal behaviour, quirks, how and what they respond to. I have encountered pets from all walks of life, ages and stages, backgrounds and behaviours and strive to bring out the best in them according to their needs.