Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Please send me an email or give me a call. We then can have a conversation so I can get to know you and what outcomes are important. We talk about your pet, the locations and possibilities.

We then book a Consultation where we refine our ideas. This is important to clarify desirable outcomes and set up the best photo shoot. People may have seen pet portraits before, but this time allows me an opportunity to explore and be creative, add inputs and expand upon different ideas which means that you can make special and more informed choices.

During the Consultation we will also go over information about your pets, their personalities, possible narratives, posing ideas and the how and the what to prepare for the photo shoot. It allows me to work out best angles, time of day and we can talk about dress, posing ideas and staging for the best outcomes.

A deposit of $200 is payable for the Consultation and to secure your booking date. The deposit covers my time and personalised service, creativity, skills and the actual photo shoot plan. I find this provides the best possible outcome for my clients.
Let’s get started!

What happens next?

Step 1 – Let’s start with a phone call or send me an email

Step 2 – Book the Consultation & pay the deposit

Step 3 – Consultation takes place – at your home or a chosen location

Step 4 – Day of the photo shoot

Step 5 – The Big Reveal of all your images to choose from

Step 6 – Pick a package and frames

Step 7 – Pay for your package and frames

Step 8 – Preparation and delivery of your finished works!

How much does it cost for a photo session?

A session fee of $200 is paid as a retainer which secures your session date and covers my time and experience for the Consultation and photography session.

How long is a photography session?

When working with animals, (as well as people – especially children), this can’t be rushed. We are placing them into an unfamiliar situation which can cause anxiety, leading to nervous/stiff body posture and an overall unpleasant experience. I like to take the time necessary to gain trust and make it as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Everyone is different, including our pets, therefore the time needed will vary.

How far will you travel and how much does it cost?

As my business is based in Albury, I will travel, at no extra cost to locations within a 50km radius from the Post Office on the corner of Dean St. and Kiewa St. in Albury. Locations outside of this area will be charged a travel fee of $1.80/km over the 50kms.

Do you offer framing?


When you see your images mounted into a beautiful frame with a matt that complements the colours within the image, you can fully appreciate how important quality framing is.  This is the reason we frame the images together with you before you receive them.  Having made the investment to use a professional photography service, it makes sense to have your works professionally framed.

You can choose options for your photos to be framed, these are included in the package pricing.  During the Discovery Consultation we can decide together.  It is important to present your work to you having a context of the space, your style, and your home.

Do you have a photography studio?

My studio is portable which allows me the freedom to come to you. I use professional studio lighting and backdrops allowing for great control of light and the opportunity for creative effects.

Will you come to my house to take photos of my pet?


During the years of providing pet photography services, I have observed overwhelming evidence demonstrating the value of having photography sessions within familiar locations with minimal distractions. Pets, and family members are far more relaxed, and this is projected within the images in a more natural pose and feeling.

Can we take photos at the park, or at the river instead?

Yes, we can.

Our pets are such an important part of the family in modern life. They make us laugh, they lift our spirits when we are down, they motivate us to get out and enjoy life, they break down social barriers and bring us into contact with other like-minded people.

Images from places that you frequently take your pet for exercise and fun can hold many long-lasting, precious memories of these good times.

Do you sell gift certificates?


These make an excellent gift for family and friends who have a special connection with their pet/s.

$300 or $400 Gift Voucher redeemable on any package


$300 – Consultation, Photo Shoot and A4 print and digital image

$400 – Consultation, Photo Shoot, $200 towards the chosen package

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you.