Family and Pets

I love to photograph pet owners and families with their pets.

Our pets are such an important part of a family in modern life. The unconditional love and joy they give creates a beautiful bond of affection,
unique to you, other members of the family and your pet. During the Consultation, we will explore the special role your pet plays,
and decide how this will be illustrated in the images we create.

How do I book?

Please send me an email or give me a call. We then can have a conversation so I can get to know you and what outcomes are important. We talk about your pet, the locations and possibilities.

We then book a Consultation where we refine our ideas. This is important to clarify desirable outcomes and set up the best photo shoot. People may have seen pet portraits before, but this time allows me an opportunity to explore and be creative, add inputs and expand upon different ideas which means that you can make special and more informed choices.

During the Consultation we will also go over information about your pets, their personalities, possible narratives, posing ideas and the how and the what to prepare for the photo shoot. It allows me to work out best angles, time of day and we can talk about dress, posing ideas and staging for the best outcomes.

A deposit of $200 is payable for the Consultation and to secure your booking date. The deposit covers my time and personalised service, creativity, skills and the actual photo shoot plan. I find this provides the best possible outcome for my clients.
Let’s get started!

What is the process?

Step 1 – Let’s start with a phone call or send me an email

Step 2 – Book the Consultation & pay the deposit

Step 3 – Consultation takes place – at your home or a chosen location

Step 4 – Day of the photo shoot

Step 5 – The Big Reveal of all your images to choose from

Step 6 – Pick a package and frames

Step 7 – Pay for your package and frames

Step 8 – Preparation and delivery of your finished works!

Family and Pets