Framing Options

When you see your images mounted into a beautiful frame with a matt that complements the colours within the image, you can fully appreciate how important quality framing is.

  This is the reason we frame the images together with you before you receive them.  Having made the investment to use a professional photography service, it makes sense to have your works professionally framed.  As this is a completely different skill set from that of a photographer, I entrust this work to a local, professional framing service to ensure you receive the best possible results.      


You can choose options for your photos to be framed, these are included in the Package pricing.  During the discovery Consultation we can decide together.  It is important to present your work to you having a context of the space, your style, and your home.  The standard choices are listed below.

Standard Frames

Standard frames are 2cm, while matt boards change in size according to frame size. 





After something special?  If you are looking for something specific, we can collaborate during the Reveal to tailor framing that suits your vision and re-price any extra cost involved.   

Ornate Frames

Ornate frames may include wider frames – 30mm+, moulded, double stacked, double matting and/or gilded frames.

As this category of framing includes so many options, this is something we can discuss during the reveal so that we can tailor framing to suit your individual style and situation.

Gilded Frame

Gilded Ornate Frame


Moulded Frame


Wide Moulded Frame


Double Stacked Frame


Double Matting

The Top Dog and Family Pack are presented as your choice of either a print on paper with ornate frame print or on canvas with an ornate frame.