Dress for the Occasion

I would never presume to be a fashion expert. However, we do have to consider what you and the family will wear for the Photo session.



Wearing Black

Unless this is a formal event such as a groom on his wedding day, black is a colour I suggest you avoid. In certain locations and lighting, black can cause loss of detail in the clothing. I can edit exposure, etc. but this can be avoided by choosing other colour combinations.

Also, black, particularly leggings or similar, shows up every strand of pet hair/fur, as well as dust and fluff particles and makes it glow. Again, I can edit this out, but it certainly adds a lot of unnecessary time to the post session editing process.


Harsh contrasts, both tonal and colour, can be distracting and create tension in an image. be aware of what others will be wearing to avoid this.

Photo by Foto Phanatic on Unsplash


Choose 2-3 colours and coordinate with others who will be in the photo.

Often, soft, earthy tones/pastels work well

Photo by Javy Rhodes on Unsplash

Avoid having one person in a strong colour such as bright red, orange etc.


Please avoid large, distracting logos.

Photo by Luis de Leon on Unsplash

Check clothing for pet hair just prior to the sitting and if you have a fabric brush, remove it.


Are you wanting to follow a theme?

  • Historical
  • Rural
  • City
  • Cultural
  • Come as you are

Photo by rajat sarki on Unsplash