Obedience Training

I am not a professional dog trainer and the information provided comes from the experience of a lifetime filled with pets of many shapes, sizes, species and temperament. This information is meant as a guide to assist pet owners prepare so that they, and their pet/s have the best photographic experience possible. I hope you find it useful.

Kind Regards, Col Strauss

Pet training

"Sit" & "Stay"

As a pet photographer, I get to interact with so many animals and this is one of the great joys of my job. Regardless of age, or breed of dog, I very quickly notice the ones who have received good, consistent obedience training. And this generally translates into much more relaxed and natural images.

sit & stay

Don’t get me wrong. I love a challenge and appreciate the cheeky, playful nature of our pets, my own included.

In this image, the puppy was in such a playful mood and it reacted to my noise-maker by running to me for a play wrestle. I managed to snap this shot just as it was getting up, before it moved out of focus.

Adding a person into the shot can alleviate many of the problems arising from distracted dogs. And, let’s face it, a photo session with a photographer who is a stranger with lots of studio lights, etc. is full of distractions.  Animals without strong “sit”/”stay” control really struggle. When this happens, we often see owners gripping their dog tightly or straining with the lead and we end up with a forced and rigid pose.

pet&person 1
pet&person 2

However, I really do like to include pet owners and family members as it adds an extra dimension to the shot. I get really excited when we are able to capture the special bond and connection shared between them. 

This dog was so happy to be getting a cuddle from his owner. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world he would rather be.

Notice the relaxed manner of both owner and pet.

Summing up.

“Sit” and “Stay” are really handy obedience training skills to teach your dog. It’s never too late. You can teach old dogs new tricks. It just takes a bit longer.

Regular training:

                         – stimulates your dogs brain (they really love to learn new things);

                         – promotes interaction between you and your pet which enhances your bond;

                         – and provides an added benefit of safety when out in the community.

I hope you have found this useful and hopefully see you and your pet at a market soon.

Kind Regards, Col Strauss