On the Day

On the Day

Allow me time to set up and check the light and make appropriate camera/lighting adjustments prior to positioning pets and children, etc.

Relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Others, especially pets and children will pick up on anxiety, and this will be clear to see in the resulting images.
  2. Allow us to take the time for everyone to feel relaxed and settled.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’m in no hurry.

Positioning everyone can take a few adjustments to get it right.

  1. Assistance may be required to maintain a pet’s position by one person with a strong connection to the animal.
  2. Only one person to be in control at this point.
  3. Does the pet have strong sit/stay control?
  4. Please don’t have other people positioned behind the photographer as this can draw the pet’s attention away from the camera.

Motivational aids

Is the animal motivated by any of the following?

  1. Treats
  2. Toys e.g. ball
  3. Leash
  4. Specific words i.e. “walk”

Is there any other information that I should know prior to the session?

  1. If in a public place, Is the animal a flight risk if we remove collar and leash?
  2. Is the animal very timid? will flash lighting trigger anxiety?
  3. Is the animal aggressive or have a strong protective nature with a risk of biting?